Welcome to the WRIGHT Choice

The Wright Choice brand ethos is to give you the best solution to achieve a positive result at minimum cost and maximum performance.

We only want to sell products we would want to buy if we were the customer – maximum performance at minimum cost taking into account the purchase cost, fitting cost, and running cost. We want to treat customers in the same way that if we were the customer we would want to be treated.

We sell the best shower heads and hoses money can buy – not expensive but the best on test for low pressure at Cranfield University when we validated the Shower Power Booster.

The ShowerPowerBooster is incredibly efficient in boosting water pressure. Using just 12.5 watts of power it uses 1/20th the power of traditional shower pumps to achieve a great shower. It was awarded ‘Best Water Innovation’ at the Institute of Physics in 2012 and a 40,000 Euro award from Imperial College London.

We believe in honesty and value and we would like to offer you the opportunity to see to see the latest models of the ShowerPowerBooster and other WRight Choice products for yourself head to head with our competitors, visit us at one of the many events as we travel throughout the UK and Ireland in 2016 and see for yourself how the amazing new pump invented by Alan Wright.

Visit our main web site to buy our Shower Power Boosters, Radiator Pumps, or one of the many other innovative products we sell by clicking on this link